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First steps into scientific research

      🕑   3 ECTS  (+ a student project amounting to 1 extra ECTS)

Description and scope

This learning block introduces the basic concepts of scientific research, outlining the main approaches in science in general and the key steps in the research process as applied to language. 

The philosophy behind this block is that students should take an active approach in learning about the concepts crucial for understanding scientific research. Some of these concepts can be difficult to grasp, or implement (e.g. defining the variables in a research study). We provide definitions of such concepts accompanied by examples and practical activities that will guide students towards their deeper understanding. 

The block and its components are intended to be modular, so it is possible to either use it in its entirety, or pick and choose. Moodle books are the main format employed for presenting key concepts, while activities are presented within Moodle pages. Both can be saved as non-Moodle formats too.

Block outline

  1. Introducing science – defining what science and scientific research are about (1 ECTS)
  2. The big picture – approaches to research, research questions and hypotheses (1 ECTS)
  3. A look under the hood – variables and research design (1 ECTS)
  4. Student project – putting the pieces together by studying language and gender (1 ECTS)
Learning outcomes

Overall, the materials and activities present in this block will allow students to:

  • approach language-related topics from a scientific perspective;
  • critically evaluate scientific research conducted by others; 
  • relate a research question to a scientific theory and a method;
  • design and set up a simple research plan.
Target audience

The primary target audience are lecturers who (want to) teach about the core concepts behind scientific research in the domain of linguistics, translation and other language-related areas. Students can also use the materials autonomously, but should be aware that this is not a typical self-study course.

Creative Commons License

This UPSKILLS learning content block is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Block designers

Maja Miličević Petrović

Maja Đukanović

Jelena Budimirović

Jelena Gledić