Learning Content

Existing learning materials surveyed within UPSKILLS

In the first task related to learning and teaching materials, the UPSKILLS team put together a list of already available resources relevant for the development of research skills, data acquisition skills and data handling skills in the domain of languages and linguistics. This list can be browsed and downloaded below. A report is also available describing the approach adopted in the list construction. Note, however, that the final list is the updated version of the one described in the report.
DISCLAIMER: The links included in the table were active as of April 2023; the UPSKILLS team cannot guarantee that they will remain active. Note also that some resources might only be available in restricted time periods. Finally, even though we did our best to focus on open resources and specify the licences, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information; please make sure to doublecheck the licences directly on the resources’ pages.

Creative Commons License

The UPSKILLS existing materials list is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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