The UPSKILLS maze game

Description and scope


The UPSKILLS maze game was created using Unity as a game development platform with the original aim of reinforcing Machine Learning (ML) concepts. Seeing, however, that it can also be used to simulate quizzing in a gamified environment more broadly, it was later developed further to include an easy to use editor for content questions to be added directly by instructors, depending on their individual needs. In this way, anyone can adapt the content of the game, increasing the level of complexity or the duration of play accordingly.

This game is a simulation of a maze, where the students as players need to traverse a simple labyrinth by answering the questions correctly. At each labyrinth intersection the players are asked a question with 2 possible answers. The right answer leads to another intersection whilst the wrong answer leads to a dead end. The player’s progress across the labyrinth is timed, to offer a greater challenge when answering the questions under the pressure of time. The end of the game is marked by exiting the labyrinth.

Instructions for educators using the maze game to gamify their quizzes

In order to create a new maze, you will need to click on the relevant “Create Maze” button on the left side of the game’s main page. When you click this button, you will be prompted to create an account, so that your maze quizzes are saved on the server. 

Upon logging in you can go ahead and input your quiz’s questions, one at a time, in the dedicated interface. The interface will ask you to write down your question alongside one correct and one wrong answer, so that the maze options are adapted accordingly.

You can input as many or as few questions as you wish… Just make sure that you click on the “submit” option, if you wish to add further questions, and the “finish” one when you are done.

Once you press the “finish” button, the system will generate a maze-id. You need to take note of this id and pass it on to your students, who will then be able to play your version of the maze game by inputting it on the website. 

Instructions for students playing the maze game

In order to play the game, you will need to click on the relevant “Play Maze” button on the right side of the game’s main page. When you click this button, you will be prompted to input the maze id, which your instructor will have already shared with you. Once you input the id number, you will be taken to the game, in which you’ll have to give the right answers in order to get out of the maze. ENJOY! 

Creative Commons License

This UPSKILLS game is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please forward any type of feedback on this game to Vanessa Camilleri from the University of Malta

Game design and implementation

Gabriel Borg

Reno Yuri Camilleri

Dean Sciberras

Emma Gatt

Kurt Abela

Under the supervision of:

Vanessa Camilleri